Bespoke Instrumentation

With our specialism in optical spectroscopy we are the one-stop-shop for novel hardware and software development and systems integration

Mission: Impossible?

Problem solving, troubleshooting, scientific consultancy, challenge resolution… Whatever you call it, there is nothing we enjoy more at Clifton Photonics than being presented with a challenge which seems insurmountable.

By combining your insights into the challenge with our knowledge, experience, and imagination, we can devise a solution to most problems… or, we can introduce you to someone else who can help you.

We’re patient and thorough in our approach to unlocking any problem, whether that’s by providing a solution ourselves, introducing you to the right expertise elsewhere or a mixture of the two.


  • Stage One: Challenge

    You give us an overview of the problem you’re facing, describing it in detail and in your own terms. We want you to tell us all the pain points you’re experiencing and describe for us what success would look like, were it possible…
  • Stage Two: Interrogation

    We then interrogate the problem, asking you (and your team where necessary) wide ranging questions. These encompass the detail of your current process through to the wider objectives of the organization including the output you are looking for and not achieving. Working together in this way we’re able step back and look at the issue objectively.

    • Previous attempts at resolution
    • Limiting factors
    • Regulatory considerations
    • In-house expertise
  • Stage Three: Analysis

    We take the problem away to work on as a team internally. What’s key to note here is that we don’t jump into looking at it purely from an optical spectroscopy point of view. The breadth and depth of our scientific experience enables us to consider the issue from multiple perspectives and consider a range of prospective techniques to resolve the issue for you.

  • Stage Four: Solution

    At the end of our process, we will present you with a range of solutions, focused on both the outcome you want and your circumstances. Taking into account your desired outcomes and your budget.

    These solutions may include:

    • Commercially available (off-the-shelf) products
    • OTS hardware integrated in new and novel combinations
    • An entirely novel and bespoke instrument, designed and created by Clifton Photonics to match your requirements
  • Stage Five: Support


    We’re always interested in elegant and affordable solutions however that is best achieved. With our background firmly rooted in academia we are extremely familiar with and adept at looking for and supporting grant applications to access funding if that is what you need.

    We are also open to resale opportunities. If what we’ve come up with is a good invention, we’re always interested in working in collaboration as a project partner – such as our work with Rolls-Royce on the REINSTATE project – happy to put our hands in our own pockets to invest in developing new technologies.

    Whatever the problem you may be currently facing come and have a chat to us. If it’s not something we can fix, we probably know who you need to talk to and will quickly let you know where you need to go next.

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