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Our products take Raman spectroscopy into the field, delivering lab-quality instrumentation to any setting.

Portable Raman Spectrometer

The Portable Raman Spectrometer provides research grade Raman capabilities to industry without needing to pay research grade prices.

SP1 – 532 nm specification

The SP1 is designed for use with a fibre optic coupled input source. This high NA, low stray light design is particularly suitable for Raman spectroscopy. In standard form, the fibre is coupled directly to the spectrometer and the fibre core forms the entrance aperture.  The NA of the spectrometer exceeds that of typical optical fibres producing the most efficient collection possible. The low aberration optical design allows for multiple fibres to be coupled and analysed individually on suitable cameras.

We can provide custom input stages incorporating conventional slits or inline filtering such as long wavelength pass filters for Raman spectroscopy. Alternatively, users may couple their own input optics. The entrance optics employ industrial standard opto-mechanical parts easily interfaced to commercially available components.

Our standard design accepts Andor spectroscopy cameras. Adaptors for other makes are available on request. Other design wavelengths are available for visible and near infra-red wavelengths up to 830 nm.

Design wavelength532 nm
Nominal Focal Length75 mm
Numerical Aperture (NA)up to 0.3 (dependant on input fibre NA)
Grating Type50x50 mm fixed holographic
Grating Line Density1800/mm
Bandwidth (a)532 nm to 676 nm (4000 cm-1)
Entrance apertureDetermined by core diameter of input fibre. Custom slit assemblies available to order.
Nominal Peak width (FWHM) with 62.5µm core fibre (b)12 cm-1
Nominal Peak width (FWHM) with 105µm core fibre17 cm-1


(a) The bandwidth is determined by the size of the detector used. This figure was achieved using an Andor iDus 420 camera with detector width of 26.6 mm.

(b) See calibration spectrum below


Inspect critical infrastucture with our fibre-optic Raman probes.

Laboratory grade materials analysis - any place, any time.

Fibre-Optic Raman Probes

We have developed a miniature Raman probe that can pass through the working channel of an industrial endoscope to conduct chemical analyses remotely in hard to access places. This enables rapid chemical characterisation without the need for difficult and expensive sample removal and laboratory analysis.

We believe these probes constitute one of the world’s smallest confocal optical instruments.

The 8 mm fibre-optic Raman probes are available in a range of configurations. These probes can be deployed borescopically, as handheld touch probes or robotically delivered. We can add these unique Raman capabilities to existing instruments and systems. The flexibility of the probe means we can access difficult to reach places such as the inside of jet engines, steam turbines, or pipework.

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